Polyeco Group Completes Remediation of Chromated Copper Arsenic Contaminated Areas at the Port of Djibouti

In 2002, a chemical spill of 200 tn of Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA) took place at the port of Djibouti. The insecticide used as wood preservative by Ethiopian Power Company, was imported from UK in order to be delivered in Ethiopia. UN organizations and other stakeholders contained the spilled pesticide and the contaminated soil inside a concrete basin and provided a temporary solution. Polyeco Group was awarded the remediation contract following public tendering and started remediation works in cooperation with Djiboutian and Ethiopian Stakeholders.

A special tent was established on the field in order to confine the excavation and remediation works, whilst laboratory equipment (XRF analyzers) was also mobilized to asses additional areas that were considered contaminated. Chemical analysis was also conducted in 3rd party accredited laboratory in Germany.

More than 4.150 tn of CCA contaminated waste were repacked in UN approved FIBCs and transported in compliance to Basel Convention, to hazardous waste treatment facility in Portugal.

Click here to see the video about the project.

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