Polyeco Group Signs a New Contract for Hazardous Waste management in Lebanon

Following a restricted public tendering procedure, Polyeco Group has been awarded the contract to manage the processing of more than 2.000 m³ of heavy fuel contaminated waste in Lebanon. The hazardous waste was generated in 2006 when the Jiyeh Power Station’s storage tanks were bombed, resulting in the spillage of 12.000 to 15.000 tons of heavy fuel oil that heavily polluted the Lebanese coast from Jadra to Abdeh.

Polyeco Group has been involved in multiple cleanup operations of the Lebanese shoreline from 2006 to 2009 in cooperation with UN organizations to address the pollution and remediation of the land.  The sustainable management of remaining oil contaminated waste, in compliance to EU regulations and Basel Convention, will make a large impact on restoring the area to its original condition. The project is being funded by European Union (EuropeAid) and will be executed in coordination with Ministry of Environment of Lebanon.

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