Global Environmental Solutions

The need to protect, sustain, & heal the environment is of paramount importance as the ecological footprint of society increases.

For an environmental solution provider such as Polyeco Group, this need calls for the evolutiondevelopment of comprehensive pollution services combined with an increased global presence to provide timely and effective solutions to incidents of pollution for marine, oil & gas, & other industrial sectors.




Complete Solutions Delivering Environmental Sustainability


As the largest full-coverage pollution provider, Polyeco Group is able to combat daily and emergency operations with unprecedented infrastructure, efficiency & effectiveness by utilizing a wide-range of resources including waste management services, oil spill response solutions, standardized health & safety practices, certified training, a flexible subsidiary network, state-of-the-art equipment, soil & water remediation and an established global operation network since 1977.

Polyeco Group offers a complete range of emergency response services for oil & chemical spills, & is prepared to respond to the needs of all types of onshore/offshore facilities, including oil terminals, production platforms, refineries, shipyards, oil recovery plants, power stations, chemical industries, ports, harbours & marinas. Other services include oil/chemical spill response, hazardous waste management, protection/preparedness for ports/installations, management of distressed cargo, design & production of marine equipment & tank cleaning.

Polyeco Group has a long track record of experience in the execution of hazardous waste management & oil/chemical spill response projects, providing services to more than 1,100 industrial sites & facilities as well as 800 corporations around the world including remote locations within Africa, Asia, Middle East, Latin America and Europe.

Our range of hazardous waste management field services includes the issuance of waste export licenses in compliance with Basel Convention, provision of special equipment, training, laboratory services, packing, segregation, on-site treatment, transport & disposal/recovery of waste at EU licensed facilities.

Centralising & streamlining all aspects of waste and spill response services decreases the cost and difficulties associated with related operations. This allows Polyeco Group to address more issues increasing environmental restoration effectiveness while cutting costs. Polyeco Group promotes a sustainable business model supporting this focus.

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