Corporate Social Responsibility

Polyeco Group implements projectspractices that support & incorporate our Corporate Social Responsibility values.  We believe that Corporate Social Responsibility relies on the interaction between societies & enterprises. Corporate Social Responsibility constitutes systematic & voluntary integration of sustainable activities in a social, environmental & cultural dimension in our daily practices.  This significantly contributes to sustainable development firmly founded on the principles of ecological, financialsocial sustainability.

Polyeco Group is a member of the United Nations Global Compact, the most comprehensive global initiative on Corporate Responsibility. As a member of the Global Compact, our company has committed to align its principles with ten globally approved principles in the field of human rights, labour, environment and fighting corruption.  Furthermore, Polyeco Group is a founding member of the Hellenic Foundation of Enterprises Board for Sustainable Development and has committed to implement the “Code of Sustainable Development Principles”.

Polyeco Group is ready to tackle the challenges of the future while protecting our global environment; contributing to sustainable development; and furthering research, innovation and social responsibility to promote an integrated and healthy society.

The above pictures shows the Polyeco Group search and rescue vessel, AEGIS I, participating in the rescue of Syrian refugees as seen onboard, Aegean Sea 2015-2016.  To see a video discussing the operations, please follow the link to


Polyeco Contemporary Art Initiative

Polyeco Contemporary Art Initiative is a non-profit organization that primarily aims at raising environmental awareness through a unique art program inspired by the crucial issue of waste management. It was founded in 2014 by Polyeco S.A. Vice President Athanasios Polychronopoulos as a result of his genuine belief that art is the best tool to stimulate dialogue about critical environmental issues. PCAI implements its objectives though three areas of activity: Collection, Projects, Support.

The Collection is based on special commissions mainly of moving image art. PCAI provides mid-career and emerging artists with the means and resources to create an artwork inspired by urgent environmental issues in their broader relation to current sociocultural, economic, philosophical concerns. Artists may draw inspiration from the waste management sites and facilities, the countries, the workforce and the people involved in the waste management process in a free and innovative way. They can investigate waste sources and process itineraries; they can research the external factors and taboos that affect our perception of waste.

The Projects are all the activities and events (special commissions, exhibitions, publications, educational programs and workshops) organized by PCAI around its growing commission-based Collection.

Support refers to our engagement with other initiatives and individuals that share the same vision and concerns.

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