Benin Waste Management

Safeguarding & Disposal of Obsolete Persistent Organic Pollutants (POP) Pesticides

Polyeco Group was awarded the project ‘Safeguarding and disposal of obsolete pesticides in Benin’  by the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations in November 2013.  The project formed a component of FAO project for the ‘Contribution to disposal, control and promotion of alternative to endosulfan and other obsolete pesticides and contaminated materials in Benin’.

Operations involved the repackaging, transport, export and destruction of around 450tons of endosulfan pesticide waste, originally stored at 10 storehouses of the Ministry of Agriculture of Benin all over the country. The stockpiles of obsolete pesticides and the related waste were repackaged into certified containers and transported to a central collection store.  The storehouses were consequently decontaminated.  Waste was exported to Europe for final destruction at high temperature incineration facilities.

The project contributed to the minimization of environmental impact and the reduction of risks to the local communities by providing a permanent solution to the issue of temporary storage of hazardous obsolete pesticides.

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