Removal, Packaging, Air Transport & Disposal of PCBs from Kazakhstan

Management of PCB Waste & Contaminated Equipment

Polyeco Group was awarded the project ‘Final disposal of PCB oils in the Republic of Kazakhstan’ in spring 2014 by United Nations Development Program in Kazakhstan.  After the successful completion of this project, UNDP Kazakhstan entrusted Polyeco Group with a second project for the management of PCB contaminated waste, through an international tendering procedure.  This second project involved bigger quantities of waste and active engagement of local stakeholders. Both projects involved the pioneer element of air transport of hazardous waste through the chartering of cargo aircrafts.

The main elements of the projects were:

  • Drainage of PCB oils from transformers;
  • Packaging of drained PCB oils, capacitors, soils and other PCB contaminated waste in UN approved containers suitable for their transportation;
  • Issuance of transboundary movement permits for the export of the waste to Europe;
  • Air transport of the waste to Europe;
  • Final disposal at high temperature incinerators.

After almost two years of thorough investigation of the regulatory regimes of Kazakhstan neighboring countries and after long discussions with the competent authorities of these countries, it became evident that the transit of the waste through their territories was prohibited.

The pioneer element of this project was the air transportation of the waste directly to Europe to overcome the imposed transit ban. Three cargo aircrafts were chartered for this reason and waste was exported to France for final disposal at high temperature incineration facility.

Stowage, packaging and labelling of the PCB waste followed the specific provisions of IATA regulations, as well as the operational requirements of the cargo handlers of the airports in Kazakhstan and France.  This unique operation involved the contribution from several parties, including the air carrier, customs authorities, IATA hazmat experts, local authorities, the Ministries of Environment and the United Nations Development Programme.

Polyeco Group is currently the only company worldwide with a unique experience in the transportation of big quantities of hazardous waste (PCB) via air.

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