Napalm Safeguarding, Packing, Transport & Disposal from Serbia

Hazardous Waste Management

Large quantities of out‑of‑date ammunition were posing an environmental and security risk for Serbia and its neighbors. Napalm powder can produce highly toxic napalm, which is hazardous both to health and to the environment.

As part of the assistance provided to the Government of Serbia for the destruction of these highly toxic ammunition, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) awarded to Polyeco Group the project for the disposal of napalm powder, under the umbrella of the measures promoted by the OSCE Action Plan on Small Arms and Light Weapons for the Conventional Ammunition Stockpile Management (CASM) for the Republic of Serbia.

Polyeco Group’s experience and expertise accelerated the process of collecting and re-packaging the napalm waste.  The waste was stored in a variety of containers (metal, wood and cardboard) stockpiled in deteriorating conditions where extensive decay from water and moisture necessitated an updated inventory and safe repackaging of the napalm powder for transport.

Polyeco Group then secured the issuance of the export licenses and facilitated the safe transport, by both land and maritime means, of the waste to licensed facilities for final disposal and destruction. The napalm powder was delivered to a high temperature incineration plant in Sweden where it was safely and properly disposed.


This project included:

  • Working alongside government and global authorities
  • Preparatory activities
  • Inventory of waste
  • The personnel and necessary equipment for repackaging, and the repackaging itself
  • Monitoring and verification of the re‐packaging process
  • Preparation and approval of documents necessary for obtaining the permit for trans‐boundary movement of waste prepared and submitted/approved by the Serbian authorities
  • Approved land and maritime transit to the final disposal destination
  • Final disposal verification
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