Georgia Waste Management

Management of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) Pesticides

Polyeco Group was awarded the Project “Disposal of POPs Pesticides and Initial Steps for Containment of Dumped POPs Pesticides in Georgia” by United Nations Development Program in Georgia.

Different types of pesticides have been buried at Iagluja Dump Site in Marneuli Municipality in Georgia several years before.

Polyeco Group took over the excavation, repacking, transportation and final disposal of approximately 240 tn of pesticides and contaminated soil, identified within the dump. In addition, quantities of Ozone Depleting Substances that have been collected in Tbilisi, were also collected and shipped abroad for destruction, supporting the country’s obligations deriving from Montreal Protocol and Stockholm Convention.

The project was implemented in cooperation with UNDP Georgia and Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection of Georgia.

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