Oil spill response and Safety seminar for EKO Cyprus

VSS EPE in cooperation with VTS and POSEIDON ENVY organized an oil spill response and safety seminar delivered to the technical personnel of EKO Cyprus. During the seminar an oil spill response drill took place based on a two vessels collision scenario near Zygi area. During the incident almost 15 m3 of HFO leaked and VSS EPE was appointed to provide antipollution services in order to protect the coastal area of Zygi village.

For the purposes of the drill the tug boat Keryneia and the fast response vessel AELLA deployed 300 m of antipollution booms to contain the spill while the oil and debris recovery vessel AKTAIA recovered the leaked oil.

After the drill, a follow up discussion took place where the General and Technical Managers of VSS EPE answered all technical questions raised by EKO’s personnel.

VSS EPE is an affiliated company of POLYECOGROUP and VTS group that was established in 2014 in order to provide Oil spill response services in Cyprus. Its quality of services has qualified it to provide services to all the major Oil and Gas companies operating in Cyprus like ENI, EXXON MOBIL and TOTAL. Recently VSS EPE has expanded its services to other Eastern Mediterranean countries.

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