Polyeco Group at the ECONOMIST Conference for the Third Sustainability Summit for South East Europe and the Mediterranean

Polyeco Group was the proud Gold Sponsor of  the ECONOMIST Conference for The Third Sustainability Summit for South East Europe and the Mediterranean, which was held on 16th and 17th October 2019, hosted by Goulandris Museum of Natural History.

Representatives of government, public and private sector, and academia discussed the current status of SDG implementation in the region, emphasizing the challenges and opportunities related to migration and security, the impact of the blue and circular economy on growth, climate change, tourism, new partnerships, and current technological developments.

Mr. Athanasios Polychronopoulos, Executive Chairman of Polyeco Group, was a main speaker in the conference’s session “BLUE ECONOMY AND CIRCULAR ECONOMY: DOES IT PAY TO DO IT SUSTAINABLY?”. During his keynote speech, stressed that:

“We have now reached “Zero point”, although 75 years ago Dimitris Pikionis, the greatest Greek architect had said in his text titled “Gaia Dishonor”, the same that is now said by Greta Tunberg and Autumn Peltier who have stated that the water should be treated like ourselves,  with human rights. In Polyeco Group, we deeply believe in the establishment of a new kinematic model for the integrated environmental management of uncontrolled hazardous waste.”

Lastly, he went on to underline, ”how remarkable is the way that Polyeco links the Contemporary Art with Environment and Sustainable Development, presenting an innovative way of environmental awareness. “POLYECO does not just perform waste management projects. We are actually strengthening local communities by restoring human relationships with nature. Such an example is the innovative environmental education program we implemented, not long ago, in two schools in Oman and has already participated in 3 international festivals. I hope next year we will be here with Greta, Autumn and Pikionis’ descendants, and looking them in the eyes without any guilty for what we could have done and finally we didn’t. ”

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