Polyeco Group wins three 2017 Waste & Recycling Awards

Significant recognition for Polyeco Group at the Waste & Recycling Awards 2017, as the company managed to win three awards for top waste management practices. The awards ceremony was held on December 13 at Radisson Blu Park Hotel in Athens.


In the category Hazardous Recycling Business, Polyeco was awarded the first prize for hazardous waste management in Djibouti, resulting in a significant reduction in the amount of waste that would otherwise be disposed in landfill. The award was received by Mr. Panagiotis Manolopoulos, Waste Operations Manager at Polyeco Group. “We are extremely pleased to have completed a very demanding project of removing 4000 tons of contaminated soil and other materials contaminated with heavy metals, which are toxic and carcinogenic, within the scheduled timeframe, putting an end to a serious diplomatic episode of 14 years between Ethiopia and Djibouti “, Mr. Manolopoulos said.



Polyeco was also awarded in the Innovative Waste Management Treatment category, for the successful management and operation of the hazardous waste storage facility in Mauritius, which has rendered the waste treatment and recycling operations in the country particularly effective and efficient. On behalf of Polyeco Group the award was received by the company’s International Services Director, Mr. Ilias Avramikos, International Services Director, who stated:

“The presence of Polyeco in Mauritius began eight years ago in the context of its extraversion strategy. This project carried out by Polyeco is not a simple management of a hazardous waste facility, but is a coordinated effort with the Mauritius Ministry of the Environment in order to form the country’s institutional and legislative framework for the effective management of hazardous waste in compliance with European Best practices. We are proud of this project, not only for the successful management of hazardous waste, but also for the transfer of our professional knowhow in waste management, both to the Ministry of Environment and the industrial stakeholders of the country involved and for our contribution to the protection of the sensitive ecosystem of  Mauritius”.


Finally, Polyeco’s work was also recognized in the Corporate Social Responsibility & Waste Management category, where the company was honored for its Corporate Social Responsibility, through Polyeco Contemporary Art Initiative (PCAI), which encourages artists to create artworks that cultivate environmental awareness at an individual and collective level. The award was received by Mr. Athanasios Polychronopoulos, Executive Chairman of Polyeco Group, stressing that: “As a Group, we have been consistently and responsibly offering our services for 40 years, with the latest example of clean-up of the Saronic Gulf, while we are active globally, with affiliated companies in 9 countries. At this year’s awards, our efforts in the context of our corporate social responsibility are recognized. PCAI uses art as a means of promoting environmental awareness of society, as well as the parallel educational programs that we implement in Greece and other countries where we have operations”.


 Polyeco is committed to faithfully continuing to follow its vision of respecting and protecting the environment, contributing effectively to sustainable development and highlighting the values of professionalism, research and innovation and responsibility towards society.

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