Repackaging, Shipment & Disposal of Lindane & Associated Wastes Stored at A1 Adabeya Port, Egypt

Polyeco Group’s company Polyeco S.A. won an international contract to remove 220 tons of the hazardous material lindane from the port of Al Adabeya, near Suez, offering a life solution to the local society that has been eagerly searching for a solution to the problem. The hazardous material was used as an insecticide on fruit and vegetable crops.

The agreement was signed in September, between Polyeco Group and the World Bank who funds the program, in the presence of the Environment minister of Egypt, Dr. Halid Fahmi, and the Greek ambassador to Egypt, Mihalis Christos Diamesis.

The Egyptian minister explained that that the Greek company was selected after an open international tender and expressed his satisfaction that this choice will further strengthens business relations between Egypt and Greece, along with the history and culture of the two countries.

Mr. Ioannis Polychronopoulos, chairman and main shareholder of Polyeco S.A., commenting on the agreement said: “our success confirmed once more the stable targeting of our staff to protecting the environment and finding technologically innovative methods to process waste. Polyeco will remain active in Egypt trying to cultivate the culture of environment protection, to offer know-how and to support employment in the domestic market.”

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