VSS EPE undertakes the incident management following explosion on ATHLOS Chemical/Oil tanker

In the early hours of Saturday morning, December 29th 2018, VSS EPE undertook the management and spill response operations of the incident which occurred after the explosion and fire onboard ATHLOS Chemical/ Oil Products Tanker, in the sea area between Larnaca and Zygi in Cyprus. With the aim of addressing and mitigating the consequences of the accident on the marine environment, from the very first moment of the assignment, VSS EPE’s specialized personnel is operating by waterborne and terrestrial means at the point the ship was anchored, one nautical mile off the Zygi fishing shelter, close to Maroni village in the Larnaca district, 200 metres from the coast.

The company, with its immediate mobilization, implements targeted actions to reduce as much as possible the risk to the environment. A containment boom has already been deployed around the ship, while anti-pollution vessels, more booms, oil skimmers, sorbent materials, oil storage tanks and divers are being used in the operations.

So far, no marine pollution has been caused by the incident.
The Fisheries Department has sent staff and vessels to assess the situation and has activated the national scheme “Orpheas” for tackling marine pollution.

VSS EPE, in cooperation with other companies, has undertaken and managed this project with a high sense of responsibility, fully understanding and respecting the concern of Cypriot society. The company is in constant communication with the authorities and continuously informs them on the progress of the operations.

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