Contingency Plan Development & Implementation

With years of experience developing contingency plans for many different clients and for all kinds of situations, Polyeco Group has experienced & knowledgeable personnel capable of delivering cost-effective & sustainable solutions for any facility, vessel, and operation.

This includes equipment selectionequipment applications, including operation, based on customer resources & circumstantial factors. Proper planning can make the difference when it comes to an incident especially proper allocation of resources.

Time spent creating & implementing contingency planning is time saved when an incident does occur.


Proper contingency planning will prepare an organization to respond in the most efficient & effective way to an emergency, while highlighting the potential humanitarian impact. Making strategic decisions in advance about the management of human & financial resources, coordination & communications procedures while evaluating the range of technical & logistical responses are the fundamental components to developing a contingency plan.



Contingency planning allows planners to answer the key questions to possible threats in a systematic way.  What will happen, what will be done & what can be prepared beforehand.

Contingency planning is a systematic approach based on established knowledge & standard practices, applied to specific situations.  Contingency planning will result in scenario based response options while analyzing the impact of specific threats or hazards & their possible impacts.


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