Soil, Water & Site Remediation

Polyeco Group provides soil, water and site treatment services globally. We offer two lines of services: Recovery and Treatment & Disposal, which can be custom-designed to best suit a client’s project-specific needs, expectations and resources. An added feature is that our team works to build the services locally to comply with local regulations and to best suit the specific location and application.

Sludge Recovery & Treatment

Our clients have a wide range of needs for different types of sludge recovery and disposal/treatment projects. Polyeco Group prides itself on our expertise to come up with the most efficient recovery process combined with a suitable treatment/disposal technique for a specific regulatory or operational environment at the lowest possible cost. Both mechanical and chemical separation technologies are utilized for effective recovery.  Treatment technologies for the remaining non-recoverable material/solids include chemical oxidation and enhanced bioremediation.


Sludge Disposal with Thermal Treatment

Thermal treatment for oily sludge in cases where the in-flow of material is sufficiently steady and high in volume to support the process. This treatment type is highly recommended when the output can be utilized for industrial or domestic purposes. In addition to incineration, Polyeco Group utilizes thermal desorption.


Soil Remediation

With a diverse technology portfolio, Polyeco Group is able to provide treatment solutions for contaminated sediments for a wide range of contaminants from petroleum hydrocarbons to chlorine compounds. Polyeco Group’s treatment technologies are suitable for different types of climates, soil types, environments, and regulatory frameworks. Generally, Polyeco Group prefers to use in-situ treatment technologies such as eletrokinetic treatment, chemical oxidation and enhanced bioremediation where the soil does not need to be excavated or transported. In most cases, in-situ treatment is also less disruptive to the environment.


Soil & Groundwater Remediation

The unique nature of the electrokinetic technology used by Polyeco Group enables the simultaneous treatment of polluted soil and contaminated groundwater to greater depths than offered by competitors. This capability enables us to offer more efficient and cost-effective solutions for clients.

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Industrial In-situ Remediation

Polyeco Group offers a range of technology solutions such as electrokinetic treatment, chemical oxidation and enhanced bioremediation as in-situ remediation options. Our promise to our client is to provide a solution that has minimal effect on the client’s business operations. This enables us to significantly reduce the operating cost of the treatment and create significant savings for our client.

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