Hazardous Waste Field Services

Polyeco Group has more than 25 years of experience in the field of hazardous waste management and had successfully implemented international hazardous waste management projects in Africa, Europe, Asia, GCC and South America funded by UN organizations such as UNDP, UNIDO, OSCE, FAO and the World Bank. We provide quality field services for the industrial sector including the oil & gas, power production, pharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgical as well as research institutions.

Sustainable hazardous waste management comprises the following components:



Delivery of UN approved containers and specialized equipment and consumables imported from the EU.



On site management by highly experienced and competent personnel (Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors) in compliance to ADR/IMDG/RID/IATA Regulations.



Significant experience in licensing for the export of hazardous waste in compliance with the Basel Convention and EU Regulation 1013/2016. Polyeco Group has established a broad communication network with Basel competent authorities all around the world.



Successful exportation of hazardous waste through all means of transport e.g. shipping containers, cargo vessels, air transport, road and rail.



Cooperation with a wide network of EU hazardous waste licensed disposal facilities in Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Belgium, The Netherlands, Austria, UK (hazardous waste landfills, incineration plants, physicochemical treatment plants) and selection of the most cost effective facility tailored to each project needs.



Full documentary and photographic report of the services including HSE plans, working plans, Emergency Response Plans and Receipt/Disposal Certificates in compliance to the Basel Convention and EU Regulation 1013/2016.



Conduction of training course for the clients including all aspects of hazardous waste management in compliance with EU and US standard.



Successful licensing of the export of 5.000 tn of hazardous waste from Kosovo (non-Basel Convention Member) to EU through the signature of bilateral agreements, World Bank Project, KEK 2014.




Air transport of PCBs from Kazakhstan to EU in compliance to IATA regulations, UNDP 2014.



Repackaging of hazardous pesticides in Ecuador, FAO 2015.


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