Production of Alternative Fuels

Polyeco Group produces alternative fuels for recovery in licensed facilities (e.g. cement industry).Packaging material and off specs products with calorific value are converted into Alternative Solid Fuel (ASF) and supplied to licensed recovery facilities. The waste is converted into secondary fuel, reducing, this way, fossil fuel consumption.

Alternative Solid Fuel may include the following types of waste:

  • Towels-Cloths-Rags mostly contaminated with oils and grease
  • Old clothes and shoes
  • Used big bags and filter sacks
  • Used filter cartridges
  • Out of specs cigarettes
  • Shredded contaminated wood and wood chips
  • Small nylon rolls (spools) (e.g. label rolls) of packaging materials.
  • Pasty products for destruction (e.g. toothpaste or cosmetic creams and ointments in jars)
  • Baby diapers and other sanitary items (e.g. baby wipes)
  • Plastic packaging films
  • Medicinal product packaging that may contain very small amounts of glass
  • Detergents in powder or paste form, in plastic and paper packaging
  • All kinds of used and contaminated packaging material
  • Folders containing paper and CD’s from companies in order to be destroyed
  • Tetra-Pack in bales or not
  • Petroleum containing waste


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