Laboratory Services

By continuously investing in research, Polyeco Group has established a state-of-the-art laboratory, fully equipped with advanced equipment and staffed with specialized scientific personnel. The laboratory determines various environmental parameters to industrial waste, ensures quality at the production process and contributes to the selection of the most effective treatment and/or recovery methods.

The laboratory is equipped with modern analytical systems, including ICP – AES, Mercury Analyzer based on Cold Vapor Atomic Absorption technique, Total Organic Carbon Analyzer, Ion chromatography for anions and cations, GC – ECD, GC – FID, GC – MS, automated Kjeldahl apparatus, automated Soxhlet apparatus, automated Calorimeter, FTIR, spectrofluorometer, spectrophotometer, EOX – AOX analyzer, Flash point (open cup), Flash point (closed cup), microwave oven and various other equipment necessary for sample pretreatment. Most of the instrumentation is fully automated (accompanied by autosamplers), resulting in the capability to handle up to 20 samples per day for time consuming analyses, e.g. metals, and even more samples for less time consuming analyses.

In the course of years of operation, different methods were developed based on ISO, ASTM, APHA or EPA standards, covering the determination of a wide range of parameters. Other analyses such as BOD, COD, flash point determination, AOX determination in water samples, identification of unknown compounds by GC – MS, photometric methods etc. are also conducted periodically.

Laboratory performance and quality is assured via ISO 17025 Quality System, ISO 9001 and EMAS 14000. In accordance with ISO 17025, specific guidelines are established for the frequent maintenance and upgrade of instrumentation, as well as the accuracy of analyses results.


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